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Technology and raw materials cover machine

Cover machine uses servo drive, hydraulic drive light control positioning technology, automatically glossy paper feeding, gluing, automatic feed, positioning, and other processes four sides, high precision, speed, pressure angle edging beautiful, the majority of printing and packaging industry colleagues mass production: moon cake, tea, mobile phones, underwear, handicrafts, cosmetics packaging boxes and folders, calendar, and other hardcover book covers the most effective solution.
Glossy materials: coated paper, specialty paper, coated paper, synthetic paper, cloth and the like.
Sheet materials: cardboard, plywood, corrugated cardboard, thin wood, plastic sheeting and other hard board.
Traditional Cover Machine drawbacks:
1, complex structure, not enough precision, particularly in the transmission and delivery process, resulting in more defective
2, artificial requirements, resulting in excessive labor costs
3, power is insufficient, production efficiency is relatively low
4, maintenance complex, there is no self-diagnostic system, high maintenance costs, long cycle.
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